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The best products!

Not sure how I lived without these two products before I got them! I have barely taken the cloud headband off and the stay stick ensures I look put together with minimal effort. Love love love!

Stay stick review

Loved this product for a good clean girl aesthetic. Was perfect for my hair as I have a lot of breakages. Also love that it’s travel sizes and that I can do regular touch ups wherever I am

Cloud Headband
Bieshneen Mohamed
Cloud Headband


The best!

This is the best breast tape there is 🤍


Beautiful thank you

Stay Stick Bundle

This hair product is incredible, flattens all my loose ends and fits in my handbag for touch ups! Super happy with this product and definitely recommend it! Headband is such a cute accessory and perfect for your evening routine.


This stay stick does everything and more! It gives me incredible results without me needing to wash my hair after using it! I’m saying goodbye to my stubborn fly-aways forever!

To me from me

The perfect gift to myself for those self care days


I love this little stick so much and wish I would’ve found it earlier. Perfect for my post-partum baby hairs. I use it when I wear my hair up or down and use it on my eyebrows every day. I have one in my bathroom when getting ready every day and one in my handbag when on the go. I’m obsessed!! Thank you, Breast Tape Co. <3

Cloud Headband
Jill Stern
Cloud headband

Love it

Cynthia Chasteau de Balyon
20% off bundles

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and absolutely love the 20% off bundles. The value for money is exceptional, and the quality of the products exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend taking advantage of these fantastic deals!

BEST a product😍😍

My absolute BEST hair product!!!! A MUST in your handbag!

The product is really nice, it’s just too little 🙈


Cloud Headband
Risai Wanders
Love how cute it is 💗💗

This is the cutest headband and great for your skincare routines. Really love how it keeps my braids out of my face 💗💗 would be a cute fashion accessory too 💗😻😻

The absolute best!

Absolutely in love with my Breast Tape Co goodies. Going to be an absolute game changer for my wedding dress! Thank you so much!

Only The Essentials

Love this Bundle! Two of my favourite products ever, and the quality is incredible.

Allergic reaction to other tape than this!

I have tried literally every other tape than this and I got allergic reactions to toher tape such as red rashes, blisters and itching. Using the oil to soak the tape before removing it works wonders. If there are any access glue on your skin you can use cotton wool and some of the jojoba oil to wipe off the access glue. I would although recommend having a bigger bottle of oil as an option. Would recommend this product with the jojoba oil to everyone!

Super glue tape

I bought the breast tape for my upcoming wedding. I thought I'd trial it for a day to see how long it lasts.

It did not disappoint, it didn't move for 6 hours. So you know the tape is strong.

I didn't overlap the tape but my breasts got itchy about 2 hours after putting it on.

On removing the tape - as instructed, I had blood blisters all over my breasts and now I have discoloration - I'm not sure if the tape removed part of my natural tan or if it stretched my skin cos it's little white veins all over my breasts now.

That was like a week ago and my blood blisters are healing but just be warned - this tape is incredibly strong.

I've decided to not use the tape again and just to embrace my natural hang.

The Stay Stick is really good though. I use it on my eyebrows and on my frizz. It needs reapplying often if you live in a humid area but it's still good and compact.

Hair wand

It's literal perfection. My hair is always neat and the size of the wand is amazing. Love it for traveling

100% works

This product definitely does what it says it will. No crunchy or gross feeling left in my hair. I've used this product on my clean hair and it worked perfectly. Would highly recommend

Best little friend for those fly-away hairs

Such a lovely and easy to use stick for those little hairs that float up! Not sticky yet keeps them at bay!

Breast Tape
Kate Jandrell

Breast Tape - Beige

Breast Tape + Stay Stick Bundle


The Habitual Makeup Brush Cleaning Shampoo is literally my new best friend! Super easy to use and definitely cleans your makeup brushes thoroughly. I would recommend it to literally everyone!