Skin Safety Information

We would like to outline all the risks and tips when using Breast Tape to ensure you have the very best experience and lessen any chance of injury/ skin reactions. 

Each Breast Tape box comes with a 'How to Style + Remove' Guide inside + directions on how to use the tape on the outside of the box. Please read these instructions before using our Breast Tape. 



We recommend wearing Breast Tape for a maximum of 6 hours however, for sensitive skin we recommend a first wear time of 3-4 hours. Wearing Breast Tape for any longer than our recommended wear time can increase chances of skin irritation/ injury as the skin is more likely to overheat and become irritated by a new adhesive on the skin. If you know you need to use Breast Tape for longer than 6 hours, please let your skin get used to Breast Tape before hand.



Our Breast Tape contains hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive which gently bonds to the skin as your body temperature rises. There is a chance of water blisters occurring in environments where your body temperature is rising. While our Breast Tape is sweat proof (meaning your sweat can evaporate under the tape), if your body temperature rises too high and you begin sweating more than usual, the sweat won't be able to evaporated fast enough and therefore can result in water blisters on the skin under the tape and could potentially rip open when removing the tape.

Please be mindful using the tape in extreme heat situations to avoid damaging your skin.


Please avoid applying Breast Tape to sunburnt skin or skin which is sensitive and warm from being in the sun all day. This increases the chance of the adhesive bonding too tightly to your skin and may become painful to remove.



Ageing skin may be prone to marking more easily due to the outer skin layer (epidermis) becoming thinner. We recommend that user aged 50+ wear for a limited time of 4 hours and build wear time gradually. 




1. Don't overstretch or strain the tape on application - make sure to always support the weight of the boob.

If you experience irritation and skin grazing only to the very tip of the tape, this is a sign that the tape was over stretched causing tension.


2. Place tape on the fleshier parts of the breast tissue and avoid placing on thin skin (chest/ neck/ collar bones etc.). 


3. Do not layer the tape - overlaying the tape too much may cause the skin to overheat or cause rubbing and friction resulting in little blisters. While our Breast Tape is breathable, should you overlap the tape, this can cause your skin to overheat and prevent sweat from escaping from under the tape which can lead to water blisters forming under the skin. 



1. Always remove with body oil or an oil based product. Don't peel off on dry skin, make sure to lubricate the skin with body oil, let it soak for 10-15 minutes and then gently pull off from the bottom, upwards. We sell our very own Jojoba Body Oil to loosen the adhesive effectively before pulling off the tape.


2. Pull from the bottom, upwards. Gently pull upwards while using your other hand to press down on the tape to stop any pull + help release the tape from the skin. Do not pull from top to bottom - against the skin. 



Allergic reactions

If you experience any itching, irritation, burning or any discomfort, remove the tape immediately. This may indicate an allergy to the adhesive. 

Our Breast Tape is free from zinc oxide and latex but if you are sensitive to adhesive, elastane or similar products, do not use Breast Tape.


Heat rashes

If you are prone to heat rashes, or your skin getting to hot and red, please be extra vigilant and do a pre-test on your skin for 1-2 hours.

Breast Tape is CE approved, certified hypoallergenic and medical grade. If you are unsure of any allergies do not use the products and consult a doctor first. If rashes occur due to allergic reactions, Swim Intimates (PTY) Ltd & Breast Tape Co (PTY) Ltd can not be held responsible and it is the user's responsibility to ensure safe use and read all of the information provided before continuing with the product.


Red marks/ bumps + Discolouration/ Swirls

This is normal. Skin sensitivity can differ from person to person and on rare occasions where irritation occurs, users may experience temporary redness, raised bumps which are not painful or slight skin discolouration after use. These can be in the swirly pattern (that matches the adhesive pattern on the back of the Breast Tape). It is normal to find redness or darker marks after removing your Breast Tape as this occurs when the tape stimulates blood circulation to the area, making the pores appear darker. This is temporary and will fade. Bigger busts may experience this more due to the weight of the breasts. If you feel any itching, this may be a sign that the skin is overheating and getting too hot. Remove the Breast Tape slowly with our removal methods above. 



Breast Tape injuries/ skin reactions will temporary mark the skin but will usually not penetrate enough skin layers to cause permanent scarring/ markings to your skin (unless the tape was misused/ removed incorrectly/ or used against our tips and advice). Like ordinary foot blisters, the markings and injuries will fade and heal in time. 


Often these injuries tend to occur at the very top edges / anchor point of the Breast Tape as the sun tends to catch these area's first. Use alternative styling styles that don't go up the chest in these instances if you are prone to heat rash/ over heating/ going to be in the heat. 


Disclaimer attached to adhesive products on the body:

Whilst the above occurs only in a very small amount of users, we take care to provide Skin Safety Information on our website and included on and in every box of Breast Tape. You can find this information easily on our main website menu, on our product packaging and on the specially created enclosed safety leaflet which is a small version of this page. We also include a disclaimer on our product listing underneath the product description for full transparency on any risks involved when using adhesives on the skin. We ask you to read this before using our Breast Tape products. Adhesive tapes are very sticky and must be used with care, especially in warmer weather and when the skin is not used to the tape yet. Please read all information to avoid skin injury.

Breast Tape Co (PTY) Ltd and Swim Intimates (PTY) Ltd cannot guarantee users completely free from skin injury as skin sensitivity can differ between users. Though extremely rare, Breast Tape is not completely exempt from causing blisters and marks. A small percentage of users may experience blisters. Information is provided to help and avoid this as skin irritation occurs not due to the products but due to certain circumstances during wear of adhesive tapes.






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