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The Habitual Makeup Brush Cleaning Shampoo is literally my new best friend! Super easy to use and definitely cleans your makeup brushes thoroughly. I would recommend it to literally everyone!

She really is THAT girl

I love this product so so much. Unlike other hair gel/wax, it doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy, crunchy or gross. The packaging makes it so easy for a gal on the go to pop in her bag. Will keep repurchasing her forever and forever.

Stay Stick Hair Perfecting Wand
Something By HOP - SP
Not a want, but a NEED!

An absolute handbag ESSENTIAL!
Fits conveniently into the tiniest bags for on-the-go touch-ups, and has great staying power.
Smoothes the tiny baby hairs like nobody's business! Love that it polishes any look without being a menace to remove.

It brushes out completely - YAY for no product buildup on your scalp in between washes.

A nifty little local find!


Oh my word! This product is amazing. I have never ever been able to get that sleek ponytail until now. I love that it's super quick to apply and with no residue. Will absolutely be getting more. Highly recommended

Hair wand magic

The Stay Stick Hair Perfecting Wand is exactly what it promises; a wand! Filled with magic to make sure my baby hairs aren’t sticking out at the end of a work day, it provides a beautifully polished look without the heaviness I find in some hairsprays

Love it! Works so well!

Works so well!

Its easy to pop in your bag and take wherever, it holds my hair down all day without making it flaky. RECOMMEND.

Tame the Game

One word: obsessed!
I've been carrying this jewel in my purse, everywhere I go for quick touch ups.

Perfect everyday on the go product!!

Amazing product!! Works so so well, perfect for sleek back.

Game changer

Love how lightweight and breathable it is !

RUN to buy this

I love my Stay Stick! Windy Cape Town ain't got nothing on this stuff. I love using it for before my runs and just after before grabbing a cup of coffee. Seriously, BUY it.

Stay Stick - AMAZING

This is the best product for fly away hairs. The Stay Stick keeps all my little unruly hairs in check and all day. This product lives up to all its claims! A definite must ALWAYS have item 😊

Stay stick hair

Love it and so easy to use and keep with you wherever you go

Best product for fly aways

I was really impressed ,
No residue or build up

Love this product!!! Keeps the little hairs controlled and give my hair a sleek look

Best ever!!!

The perfect travel stick. And its just the perfect magic stick. Perfect brows, perfect hair. I am just so happy with this product.I dont leave the house without it. BUY IT!

Great product

This product does what it says on the box. It really works to take those fly-away hairs & give my up-styles that sleek look. I also love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or dirty.

out of this world !

i absolutely love doing a sleek back bun look. the stay stick does the job perfectly! it does not leave your hair crunchy or hard which i love. very easy to use & i highly recommend it!💖

Stay Stick Hair Perfecting Wand
Sarette Labuschagne
This should be called the magic stick!

If you’re reading this, wondering if you should get it- the answer is YES! This stick is magic, no more cow-licks, frizzy hair, fly aways, or even brows! It’s really all in one! So happy with my purchase.

Excellent product and very innovative!

Breast Tape, Jojoba Body Oil & Stay Stick

I am absolutely obsessed with these three products, not only do they live up to the hype, but they honestly exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.


I absolutely love this product. It’s the perfect product for my fine and fly-away-prone hair! Highly recommend! ❤️

Lifesaver for a dancer!

WOW what an amazing product! I am a competitive dancer and it is often very difficult to find the correct suppport especially with all the revealing costumes we wear. But Breast Tape came to the rescue! I felt comfortable and confident in my look and everything was held totally in-place, leaving me the freedom to concentrate on my performance and not worry about any possible nasty surprises! Thank you Breast Tape! You are now a staple in my kit bag and I will definitely be recommending you to others in the future!

why everyone needs the stay stick

the stay stick is the literal lifesaver for girlys like myself that sometimes run late , or even go to the gym and want to look “approachable “ . I deffs reccommend this products . It smells super good as well !!!

Travel bestie

I really enjoy that it is so travel-friendly and that I can pop it into my handbag or vanity case when travelling. It is easy to use, doesn't leave my hair sticky but it still gives me that sleek-back look that I love!